I have spent so much time out of work and in pain that my body has gotten used to being unable to sleep at night, sleeping in all day, and being overall very lazy. I haven’t exercised or ran in over a year. My insomnia is getting progressively worse, even on the meds I take now. I need to get my body into a normal rhythm again.

My goals:

1. Start setting an alarm to wake up at a normal time and try to get my body used to a regular schedule.

2. Clean my room and create a more open workout space.

3. Visit the storage unit to pick up my handweights. I can’t use them right now but I want them here for use in the near future.

4. Work on my resume. It’s time to get myself into the mental place where I can start job hunting as my back continues to improve.

5. Fix my phone or replace it, depending on what it needs. I can’t live without my calendar and todo list on me at all times!

6. Continue to log all foods eaten in my food journal. Purchase a Body bugg when it goes on sale again after I get my refund check from school.

7. Work on the paperwork I have been avoiding for over a month. No more procrastinating.

8. Look into becoming a BeachBody coach. I love their products, I love the company, I love helping people. Why wouldn’t I want to try it?

9. Speak to my therapist about EMDR or referring me to a trained EMDR therapist. I will try to post a blog with more EMDR info soon.

10. Continue to make lists like this every day. You never get anywhere without goals. Goals are useless if you don’t work toward them daily. Let’s do this!