So I had my SCS trial. I got it put in friday and had it until this morning. It was AMAZING. I kept it turned down to the point I couldn’t even feel it working and I never had  any hip or buttock pain the entire trial. I got it removed this morning and promptly within the hour began hurting again. I was sad to feel the pain again but stoked to know that it meant that the stimulator was working.

Next step.. wait. A lot. My pain doc has to send his dictation over to the neurosurgeon and then I wait for the neurosurgeons office to call me to schedule an appointment. I will have to meet with him to discuss the surgery and then wait some more for a surgery date. At this time I have no clue how long it’ll be before I get my surgery but I am very excited to get it done.

Short and simple post but to the point 🙂